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Risk managed investment solutions to
empower your portfolio.

We believe great investor outcomes are a result of tactical investing, forward thinking, and disciplined risk management.

Eric Leake
President, Chief Investment Officer

Managing risk and exploiting opportunity through a disciplined, repeatable process.

For more than two decades, Anchor Capital has been at the forefront of risk-managed investment strategies designed to help private investors and professional advisors be more confident in reaching their investment goals. We specialize in liquid, long-short tactical investment strategies designed to diversify traditional portfolios, improve risk-adjusted returns across a variety of asset classes.

It Starts With Research.

Research is at the heart of what we do, and we’ve been doing it a long time. We are perpetually curious and fascinated by markets. Its what drives us everyday. Our investment process is built upon a foundation of more than twenty years researching, developing and executing quantitative investment strategies that identify and exploit persistent, repeatable market inefficiencies in trends and volatility.

A Quantitative Edge.

Market volatility can test the nerve of advisors and investors alike. Personal bias and short-term decision-making often lead to missed opportunities and an increase in portfolio risk. Our investment process instead is driven by our own non-emotional, rules based risk models that are designed to systematically identify opportunity and mitigate risk in the strategies we manage.

Diversified Risk Management

Risk and opportunity don’t always exist in the same time frame. Short term volatility may actually be a long term opportunity, and vice versa. That’s why our our quantitative approach to risk management seeks to smooth portfolio returns by adjusting to trends and volatility over long, intermediate and short term time frames. The result is a pro-active strategy of risk-management that seeks to benefit from a wider set of opportunities across multiple time frames.

Anchor Capital investment solutions are available through select advisors nationwide, and institutional mutual funds.